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This is an amazing true story, beautifully written and illustrated, and full of the life lessons of persistence, commitment, compassion, empathy, pride, and neighborliness across generations. Don’t miss the last five pages which are full of educational, factual information. - Sue Smock, book partner and co-founder, San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe.


Maezie’s Pumpkin Patch is a story about the healing power that hope, perseverance, friendship, and community have in the face of disappointment. It is a story that will delight young readers and grandparents, animal lovers and gardeners, teachers and chaplains. This book is rich with possibility for all who want to pass along important lessons. Children will delight in the illustrations and everyone will wish they could meet Maezie and visit her pumpkin patch. - Marianne V.V. Ryan, D.Min, School Administrator


Maezie’s Pumpkin Patch is a notable book. It is also a true story about 95 year old Maezie who grows giant, prize pumpkins each year. That is until the year that vandals wreck her beautiful pumpkin patch. Not only did it hurt Maezie, but also her entire neighborhood and town, which rallied together to support Maezie. She shared the seeds she could salvage so that the next year the neighborhood glowed orange from all the pumpkins everyone grew!

Kudos goes to author Lynn Martin Snowden for featuring an elder who is not a grandmother. Many picture books feature grandparents as the only elders in a child’s life. It shows young readers not only diversity in our population, but also that a person of any age can be a heroine and a model to others. Illustrator Kyle Sydney Powell’s ink and wash paintings aptly convey the mood of each page. Young readers will have fun following the secondary stories of the numerous animals, especially the squirrel, cat, and dog. This book can be used in classrooms, home libraries, and in neighborhood community gardens as an inspiration. It has guidelines in the back for growing pumpkins. Coming out soon will be a companion lesson plan book. The book is highly recommended for ages 5-10, and for read-aloud to preschoolers. - Judith Nasse, Children's Book Reviewer


Maezie’s Pumpkin Patch is a charming true story that both entertains and teaches. It is a story that touches on the issues of how we treat one another, what we value in our lives, and how compassion and working together win out over one bad deed. These are important themes that, as an elementary school librarian, I love to share. Students will be able to easily relate to these themes in this beautifully written and illustrated human story.

There’s something for every child in the story, and it all leads to lively discussions! Who would hurt Maezie’s pumpkins? Did the dog and the squirrel really get in the fire truck? What is your favorite kind of pumpkin? Is Maezie still growing her pumpkins? The children really care about what has happened to Maezie, the pumpkins, and the animals. Add the informational section about Mazie’s favorite pumpkins and the step-by-step directions on how to grow pumpkins, and you have the perfect combination of story and facts to entertain and teach an elementary school audience, either in the library or in the classroom. The children and I loved it!  Cathy Andrews, Librarian, Our Lady Queen of Angels School


Maezie's Pumpkin Patch is a poignant story first of heartbreak, then of love and support, gracefully told and sure to captivate young readers. The illustrations are lively and colorful and just right for this story of renewal. And how nice to have Maezie's pumpkin growing tips at the end of the book. Martha Tolles, author of the Katie/Darci series











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