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What the Kids Liked

Our Librarian friend Cathy shared a preview of Maezie's Pumpkin Patch with her first grade class and they gave it a resounding two thumbs up. Here's what they liked:

Ella loved Maezie’s expressions.

Peter said the drawings were perfect!

Charlotte loved the white dog (and the bone he was dreaming about.)

Aiden’s favorite part was when Maezie gave the seeds to her neighbors.

Sienna’s favorite picture was the dog and squirrel in the fire truck!

Jenna liked how the big umbrellas protected the pumpkins

Brendan thought the part about how to grow the pumpkins was really cool.

Nancy said the pictures looked like they were “glowing”!

Kyla liked that the dog and squirrel had their dreams of a bone and a nut when Maezie dreamed about the prize-winning pumpkin.

Ryan liked how the neighbors all helped Maezie plant her pumpkins

Bridget loved everything about the book!

Maezie's Pumpkin Patch Title

based on a true story

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